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September 18, 2004 - Added Bifurcations to Mathematical Curiosities and Java Programs.

September 12, 2000 - Added Pentominoes to Diversions and Java Programs.

May 23, 2000 - Updated Alphabet Blocks to feature an interactive applet for spinning a block. Click on each block to try it.

May 14, 2000 - Relocated site to http://www.coiraweb.com/poignance. This site is also undergoing a slight reorganization and redesign.

March 26, 2000 - Temporarily relocated site to http://web.mit.edu/angelx/poignance.

November 16, 1999 - Added an applet for Paint by Numbers puzzle and a link to a pre-alpha version of Jubmoo, a Thai card game in development with Charatpong Chotigavanich and Jen Jootar, to Java Programs.

October 9, 1999 - Added two java applets, simulations of the Buffon's Needle and a Bending Bridge to Java Programs.

September 18, 1999 - Added two papers on fractals, "On the Fractal Structure of the Dragon Curve" (1994) and "Fractals in Biological Systems" (1993), to Mathematical Curiosities

September 12, 1999 - Added the Lorenz Attractor to Java Programs.

August 28, 1999 - Added Tangram to Java Programs, which has been redesigned to include a brief description for each applet.

August 10, 1999 - Added Game of Life, an applet that illustrated Conway's popular cellular automaton to Java Programs.

August 8, 1999 - Added DrawFractal, an applet that lets you create your own fractals, to Java Programs.

August 2, 1999 - Chinese Brush and Traveling Salesman applets added to Java Programs.

July 14, 1999 - Guestbook added.

July 13, 1999 - Alphabet Blocks added.

July 11, 1999 - Site established at http://poignance.mit.edu.

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