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Rondo Planar EM Simulator

Rondo is a planar electromagnetic simulator that characterizes full-wave and radiative effects for multi-layered structures. Rondo has the following features:

 Compute generalized S-parameters
 Compute characteristic port impedances and propagation constants.
 Calculate other basic electromagnetic field quantities.
 Renormalize S-parameters to port impedances
 Calculate radiated electric fields.

Using Rondo, the designer just simply draw the traces for each layer, specify each layers material characteristics, and identify sources and vias. As you set up the problem, you specify whether to solve the problem at one specific frequency or at several frequencies within a range. Then simulator will generate the analysis results includes port current, port characteristics, propagation constants and S-parameters.

Rondo Planar EM simulator is applicable for multi-layer structures in RF integrated circuits and RF planar antennas. These structures may be modeled with an unlimited number of substrate layers, metal layers, and infinite ground plane layers. You can build your configuration by stacking the three different types of layers.

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