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Eectronic Composer

Electronic Composer (ELComposer) is a general EDA tool specializing on high-frequency PCB/RFIC design. It fully integrates system analysis, circuit analysis, electromagnetic analysis and devices modeling into a single unified environment. ELComposer gives you complete RF solutions over every design task from components, circuit, system to physical layout. The key to this integration is the linking of multiple simulators while still giving you complete and simple control.

ELComposer uses "SimLinker" technology, which links several simulators together and allows you to simulate structures via different simulators including Sonata (circuit), Concerto (system) and Rondo (planar EM). ELComposer incorporates electromagnetic-simulator results directly into circuit or system network topologies. Solution data is cached and used in place of re-simulating unless you change structure parameters. In short, this technology allows you to maximize your productivity for both speed and accuracy.

ELComposer makes utilizing high-density PCBs in next-generation base stations or WLAN modules easier. For RFIC designers, ELComposer connects them with an baseband-through-RF design solution. Using ELComposer, you can analyze complete systems in time, frequency, or mixed-signal domain and apply complex digital waveforms to arbitrary system topologies. Flexible behavioral models in system simulator with system-circuit, circuit-EM co-simulation techniques can provide designer solutions for initial design as well as final verification. The fully integrated simulators embed IC structures that affect high-frequency operations directly into the overall circuit or system simulation.


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